Aims and Scope

Aims and Scope of the journal "Fundamental and Applied Soil Science": publication of peer-reviewed original research articles and reviews of current issues of fundamental and applied soil science.


The journal covers current issues of fundamental and applied aspects of modern soil science, related to the study of the composition, properties, origin, development, geographical distribution, rational use of soils. Some of the issues focused on the study of genesis, evolution, classification, gegography, ecology, bioproductivity, soil properties in different ecosystems, the theory of soil formation and the formation of soil fertility. The consolidation of intellectual and scientific potential for the development of soil science is discussed.

Considerable attention is paid to modern methods of soil research at different hierarchical levels of structural organization of soils, multidisciplinarity of soil science, development of new areas of research. Some of the publications are devoted to the discussion of debatable issues of modern soil science.

The authors of the journal are well-known scientists and specialists from Ukraine, Spain, India, Germany, France, Poland and other countries. The journal is designed for professional scientists, research and teaching staff of higher education institutions, graduate students, students, specialists in soil science and land resources.